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Why Turkey?

Turkey, in its unique position connecting the continents of Europe and Asia, provides a fascinating local context for the international student. The country’s blend of east and west, its relations with the EU, its Black Sea and Mediterranean trade links, combined with its strengthening regional presence in the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus – gives students the opportunity to experience at first hand a different and broader perspective on the world’s developing economic and political relations. The rich history and mosaic of cultures and communities provides a rich backdrop for student life.

Turkey is an attraction to everyone in the world because of the spiritual and physical features which are unique to each single city. For example, İstanbul is the only city in the world that connects two continents. The city, which is located in both Asia and Europe, has been the capital city for many civilizations for thousands of years throughout its history.  Turkey is more than a bridge between two continents. Actually, Turkey is a country in which East and West meet in a much broader sense.  Turkey has been successful in blending these two cultures and being home to cultural and historical richness and legacy for thousands of years.

The experience of studying abroad is more than just attending a school in a foreign country. So, when deciding where to study abroad, you should first ask yourself where you want to live.  With its cosmopolitan cities and small towns, Turkey offers a variety of cultural experiences to international students. Bringing together different cultures, religions, people, lifestyles and definitely different cuisines, with its unique location, Turkey has served as a gate to Western World for Eastern cultures and to Eastern World for Western societies.

One of the main questions you will have after graduation is “what is next?” International students graduating from Turkish universities have a lot of options including, pursuing a graduate degree, returning back to home with a widely accepted diploma or finding a job in and out of Turkey. In addition, international students are able to work part-time on campus during their education.

Why Turkish Universities?

Quality Education

Turkish universities’ experienced staff and culturally rich location offer unique educational opportunities.

Internationally Recognized Degrees

Degrees given by Turkish Universities are accepted around the world. For further information on degree recognition, consult with your country’s educational authorities.

• Modern Campuses

Libraries, laboratories, canteens, parks, sport centres, cultural facilities, student clubs, dormitories and social clubs are always available for students.

• Culturally Diverse

Diversity is richness. You will meet East and West together in Turkey, which has the combined characteristics of the two continents: Europe and Asia. Turkey is a mosaic of cultures embedded with the east and west together. Also the hospitality of the people gives a nice warm sense of security.

Reasonable Prices for Education

Education is affordable in Turkey. Tuition and living costs are much more reasonable compared to Europe and U.S.

• Safe, Warm and Friendly People

Turkey itself is a young nation (31% of the Turkish population are between the ages of 12-24) and welcomes young people with great hospitability.

Students in Turkey experience to live in a culture which is both modern and traditional. Turkey is one of the safest countries, people are sensitive and kind. Most universities teach in English. Above all, the high quality of education in Turkey and the experiences students gain abroad will make them ready and qualified for a bright future.

*Some of these information are concerted from studyinizmir and studyinturkey official webpages


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