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Why Sinop?

Sinop was established as a fortress on the headland of Boztepe which is connected in east-direction to İnceburun, the most northern edge of Turkey, and has developed eastwards throughout the history. It has been home to many civilizations and still accommodates some historical remnants.

The Greek Goddess Sinope is thought to be an eponym of the city Sinop which enthrals people with her sea, nature and virgin beaches. Sinope is abducted to the city of Sinop by Zeus, who, in his passion, swore to fulfil her dearest wish. Sinope declares she wishes to remain a virgin. That’s why it is believed that Sinop has been able to keep its beauty and nature until today.

The inner harbour situated on the south of the peninsula became a harbour for the sailors in the rough weathers thanks to its geographical position. Due to the difficulty of transportation, maritime and port activities remained undeveloped and local. Primary source of income is fishing in the Black Sea region, and more than half of the fish are caught around Sinop peninsula.

Respectively, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans established their dominance in Sinop. The most significant development occurred during the Seljuk era and the city architecturally developed. The smell of the historic buildings is still felt today.

With her untouched nature, clean sea, virgin beaches and distinguished people, Sinop is an undiscovered treasure waiting for her visitors.

Why Study in Sinop?

• A student-centric city with a university.

• The low cost of student life means shopping, great food, and fun in the city.

• Great sports facilities help students keep fit. Sinop also has many great outdoor sports opportunities

• Easy and cheap transportation system

• Cultural activities and festivals including travelling film festivals

• A dynamic street and night life including beautiful cafes, restaurants.

Sinop: The Shining Star of the North

• Historical and archaeological locations in the city and the surrounding areas.

• A developed tourism and trade centre.

• Traditional city culture.

• Enjoy the welcoming hospitality of Black Sea.

Sinop on the Black Sea

• Well-balanced Black Sea climate; sunny in the summer, rainy in the winter

• Natural beauty; enjoy the sea, the mountains, and nature reserves.

• Local agriculture provides a variety of produce available at the outdoor bazaars.

• Sinop’s beaches, waterfalls and spas are great ways to relax.

• A rich cultural and historical heritage

*Some of these information are concerted from Lizart Agency Sinop Travel Guide and some of them from studyizmir Web Page.


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