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Planning your travel to Turkey is exciting, but before going to Turkey, you may need these useful tips:

Documents you need to bring: your passport, with a valid visa; travel itinerary and tickets; a letter of acceptance from your university. (If you bring the address of your new university, plus the telephone number and ideally the name of a member of staff, it will be helpful to you).

Health and travel insurance: First ask your university for advice – they may offer a special insurance policy for their students. Asking to the insurance companies will be helpful. For information about vaccinations and other health-related considerations, check our Health section.

•Do not forget that most airlines charge for excess baggage.

•Temperatures in Turkey vary from season to season and from region to region. For information about Turkey, check our Weather section.

Regional Airlines

You have a choice to come to Turkey by Interrail. For more information about the routes and tickets, please visit:

Turkish State Railways’ official website   

Interrail official website

If you want to travel by coach, there are regular services between Turkey and Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, and Greece; also Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria.



There is a lot of bus and air options to come to Sinop. To Istanbul, which is the metropolis of Turkey, reciprocal flights are available with Turkish Airlines and many bus company also organizes shuttle to Istanbul.

To reach the neighbouring provinces and districts is very easy. When there is a shuttle service to Samsun hourly, it is also easy to reach Kastamonu and Çorum by bus. Many mutual expedition to Turkey's capital Ankara, which is present in the morning and evening.

Coach terminal is 6 km while the airport is only 8 km far from the city centre. Transportation to the airport is provided by taxis and minibuses, all coach brands has their free services to the coach terminal.  

In Sinop city centre, transportation services are provided by minibuses and taxis. Students have the right to a special discount for transportation both for intra-city and inter-city transportation. . For students, minibus cost is 1.50 Turkish Liras (0.75 cent). This minibus service operates on particular routes picking up passengers.   The fare is paid in cash to the driver and the amount paid varies as to the distance travelled.

In addition to minibuses and taxis, our university provides a ring service to students, between the state dormitory and the academic departments.

Sinop Bus Terminal Phone: 0368 260 0304

Sinop Airport Phone: 0368 271 4455

Turkish Airlines Sinop Office Phone: 0368 260 2470

*Some of these  informations are concerted from eyasamrehberi and  studyinturkey webpage


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