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Regarding the link between university-industry, starting with the year 2000, many techno-parks and technology development centers have been established within the university campuses. The Law on Technology Development Centers, which entered into force in 2001, draws the framework for the legal status of these institutions. As of 2014, there are 32 technology development centers operating and an additional 11 are under construction in different universities. Associate Degree qualifications are also included in Turkish higher education system. Within this degree, universities offer two-year programs, all of which are vocational oriented and at the end of the study period, graduates are expected to be employed as intermediate staff in related sectors. The curriculum design of these programs is done in such a way that gives the student the opportunity to do their internships in firms of the related sectors.

Turkish Universities places a high priority on research and development. Research projects are sponsored by private or public sectors at both the national and international level such as NATO, TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey), British Council, NSF (American National Science Foundation) and the European Union. Turkey is also eligible for research projects in certain priority fields. Along with research and development activities, some universities such as METU has set aside a Techno polis area within its campus in Ankara to increase its competitiveness in the technology fields by providing the space for cooperative research between university and Turkish industry.

Sinop University has great numbers of research centre. These are:

  • Scientific And Technological Researches Application And Research Centre
  • Children’s Education Research And Application Centre (Children University)
  • Energy Application And Research Centre
  • Pre-School Education Research And Application Centre
  • Continuing Education Application And Research Centre
  • Turkish States Related And Allied Communities Application And Research Centre
  • Turkish Language Teaching and Research Centre (TÖMER)
  • Information About The Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey
  • Office Of Technology Transfer
  • Ahmet Muhip Dranas Practice Hotel

*Some of these information are concerted from studyizmir and studyturkey official webpage


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