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Learning Turkish

The medium of instruction in the most higher education institutions in Turkey is Turkish and/or English. There are also a few higher education institutions where the medium of instruction is German or French. In addition, many universities where the medium of instruction is Turkish offer some of their courses in other languages. However, if you are admitted to an academic program where the language of instruction is Turkish, you are expected to learn Turkish.

Turkey is also an ideal place for international students who study in English but wish to learn Turkish, which is one of the mostly spoken languages in the world.  If you are also willing to enhance your Turkish living experience by learning Turkish, there are some alternative ways to do so:

  • Turkish Language Teaching and Research Centre (TÖMER)
  • Language Centre at the respective university
  • Online Turkish Certificate Program, offered by Anadolu University (For more information please visit:
  • Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Cultural Centers, (For more information please visit:
  • Private Language Schools
  • Student Clubs

Sinop University has a Turkish Language Teaching and Research Centre and it helps to students to meet the requirements about Turkish.

*Most of these information are taken from studyinturkey webpage


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