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Language Requirement

Turkish language proficiency level of students are determined based on their scores on Turkish exam administered at our university and other national universities or scores received on exams administered by other institutions and accepted by our university.

Turkish proficiency levels;

Level A : The student is proficient in Turkish and may immediately begin their studies,

Level B : Student is not proficient enough but may improve their Turkish in a short period of time therefore may begin their studies on condition of taking Turkish courses,

Level C: Student is not proficient. They may begin their studies after taking Turkish language courses for a year.

  • Students who hold a Turkish language proficiency document may immediately begin attending classes. On the other hand, students who are not proficient in Turkish are excused for two years by the university in order to study Turkish and improve their proficiency level. At the end of one year excuse, students must present a Turkish proficiency document, otherwise, they are expelled from the university.
  • The accreditation of Turkish language proficiency reports obtained from other national universities and institutions are determined by international student admission committee.
  • Our university administers a Turkish language proficiency exam. Details about the exam are announced on university website (


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