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Sinop University was founded in 2007, in Sinop which is considered to be a shining star in northern Turkey with its natural, historical and cultural wealth. Since its establishment, Sinop University has been serving its students and educators in 6 faculties (Faculty of Fisheries, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Boyabat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences), 2 schools (School of Health, School of Tourism and Hotel Management), 2 graduate schools (Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Graduate School of Social Sciences), 5 vocational schools (Sinop Vocational School, Boyabat Vocational School, Ayancik Vocational School, Gerze Vocational School, Vocational School of Health Services) and 5 and implementation research centers (Implementation and Research Centers for Child Education, Continuing Education, Science and Technology, Early Childhood Education and Energy) As of 2013-2014 academic year, Sinop University has a total of 5261 students in all degree programs. 

As a higher education institution, Sinop University’s main objectives are to obtain, produce and apply knowledge to contribute to our nation’s and humanity’s social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological progress, by raising individuals who are equipped with this knowledge. Sinop University aims to fulfil these goals by performing the research and community services at universal standards. 

Sinop University firmly believes and unconditionally accepts that the main mission of a higher education institution should be provide its students, teaching staff and researchers with the opportunity to produce and apply new knowledge rather than only conveying the existing knowledge. Therefore, it stands against any types of limitations during the process of producing and sharing the new knowledge. Furthermore, it creates a relaxed environment for both researchers and students so that they can improve themselves in all aspects. 

Sinop University is a firm supporter of lifelong learning since it is a necessity for the progress of students, employees and the society. Sinop University aims to raise its students as individuals who respect and protect the humanistic and moral values and who are equipped with leadership skills. Sinop University believes that none of its students have to deal with financial difficulties to pursue their education; therefore it is always ready to support students financially. 

In order to adjust to the rapid change and globalization, our university encourages all its teaching and administration staff to plan for future, develop concrete strategies and make necessary adjustments to implement these new strategies. Therefore, it embraces administration strategies which are based on knowledge, democratic, affiliative, vigorous, flexible and transparent. Above all, our university shows respect and tolerance to the humanity.


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