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One of the best things about Turkish culture is the variety of its cuisine! You will find not only Turkish food, but also many delicious options on the food from the western style to Far East cuisine. Eating habits have been shaped according to the prevalent cultural, geographical, ecological, economic characteristics and features and the historical process.

In summary, the variety of products offered by the lands of Asia and Anatolia, the interaction with numerous different cultures over a long historical process, and the new tastes developed in the palace kitchens of the Seljuk and Ottoman empires have all played a part in shaping the new character of our culinary culture, which you would enjoy very much.

Eating is also a significant part of social life in Turkey and all universities provide options for quality food services at reasonable prices. There are also cafes and restaurants throughout Sinop, which offer students even more chances to sample Sinop’s unique cuisine. A quick bite can be found at a variety of street corner stands, including; simit (Turkish bagel), fresh mussels, and a variety of fruits. Döner kabab can be found just about anywhere you go in Turkey. Local soups, breads, wraps and sandwiches come in great variety.

As a part of traditional food habits in Sinop, fresh fish and Turkish type ravioli is a part of everyday life. For those who would rather eat at home there are fine supermarkets and bazaars throughout Sinop. While some might prefer supermarkets for quick and easy shopping, the local bazaars provide a wonderful opportunity to sample the freshness of local produce and sharpen bargaining skills.

The Main Dishes Of Sinop: Nokul, katlama, bread with meat, Sinop manti, pastry dish (originally named “islama”), plum pickle, fig dessert, types of halva, dishes with corn and borek.

In winter; acorn, anchovy, blue fish, in spring turbot and in summer red mullet and scorpion fish.

*Some of these informations are concerted from Lizart Agency Sinop Travel Guide 2014, studyizmir and studyinturkey official webpage


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